Aussie tradies are being targeted by this particular scam. (Source: Getty)

The nation’s leading cyber security agency has warned Australians against a particular scam that is targeting builders and construction companies.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ASCS) yesterday issued an alert about a rise in business email compromise scams aimed at the construction industry.

The latest warning comes as Aussies lost a record amount of money to scams last year.

In , cybercriminals will abuse trust in well-known and already-trusted institutions and pretend to be from legitimate businesses.

The scammer will then ask for outstanding or future invoices to be paid – but to a different bank account or through a different payment method.

“These emails typically target the customers of the business and will ask them to change bank account details for future invoice payments,” the ASCS alert stated.

“Victims assume this request is legitimate and will then send…

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