Reacting to reports of the Punjab government selling government quota of COVID-19 vaccine to private hospitals, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Raghav Chada on Saturday asserted that the Captain Amarinder Singh-led state machinery has committed another ‘major vaccine scam’. Addressing the media, the leader asserted that the government was looting crore of rupees from the people of the state in times of trouble, by making ‘disaster an opportunity’. 

 Supporting his claims with data, he said, “Punjab government had purchased the state government quota vaccine at the rate of Rs 400 per dose, and embezzled crore of rupees by selling these vaccines to private hospitals at a rate of Rs 1,060 per dose, and further allowed private  hospitals to plunder the people of Punjab financially.” 

AAP MLA asks Punjab government 5-questions pertaining to ‘vaccination scam’

Having made the claims, Chada asked the government  5-questions pertaining to the…

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